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The music group, "WriteSounds", are from Miami, Florida. Two of the band members, Julian and Rodrigo (brothers) are from Brazil and Jimmy is from Nicaragua. Simply, the meaning behind the band's name comes fromtheir love for writing music. WriteSounds creates music from all genres and their goal is to create good music without labels. No boundaries.
WriteSounds came together when Julian and Rodrigo had signed a deal with Clive Davis and J Records. Afterwards, the group reunited and took their writing and producing to the next level. WriteSounds collaborated with singer Teenear on songs entitled, "Love Me or Leave Me" and "All I Want" when they were introduced to Ted Lucas, owner of Slip-n-Slide records by one of their A&R's Breeze. They developed a bond with him along with the entire Slip-n-Slide family. WriteSounds and Teenear hit it off great on the songs and are working on a few records that should be released soon. The songs entitled, "Love Me or Leave Me" and "All I Want" can be heard on all streaming music platforms. WriteSounds single entitled, "Cold" will be released on May 25, 2018. It is the first of many new songs to come and they believe the timing is right to share their music with the world. 
A message from WriteSounds to the youth would be to "Follow your heart and do what you love. Also, learn from the greats in the past. Michael Jackson did not become the entertainer he was without studying other great artists before him. So, do the same and elevate what you love to the next level." 


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Stolen Goodz is a talented Hip-Hop/Rap Artist originally from Texas but raised in Virginia since he was fourteen years old. His inspiration to get into music was from his friends and constant motivation around him. People in his life encouraged him to follow his passion for music by recording his rhymes. Since he was fourteen years old, he has been free styling and has been a professional Hip-Hop/Rap recording music artist for a year. His goal as a music artist is to have his music heard and perform around the world. Stolen Goodz has a mix tape entitled, "Virginia Raised" with collaborations from various Virginia music artists. His music is featured on music platforms such as: Youtube, Spotify, Itunes, Tidal, Google Play, Spinrilla and Sound Cloud. Stolen Goodz  has collaborated with other music artists in the music industry on songs such as: "My Only Major" feat. Frenchie (from the original 1017 Brick Squad) "Charles Manson"  "Real Trap Shit"  "My Virginia" feat. Include, Big Will, Berkleyboytay, Wavey Wane, Curt Cobang, Rick Rogers, Deandre Fulton, WhiteBoi757, Bigdawg Squad Tyler, Jay Smallz, TK Dinero, WildFro, Berkleyboy Carl, Menace Mike, Dani Montana, Ciiroc and Jute. Stolen Goodz produces his own music and he has a music single out entitled, "Livin By The Piff" gives the message that 90% of Americans live by the piff.

His message to the youth and those up and coming in the music industry is to "Start early and craft your image mixed with social media its the key to the future of all business." 

"Stay calm and be patient." It's not even a big famous quote, but it's his favorite quote. A few years ago, Kenton went through a rough time in his life and after hearing this quote, everything started to make sense. So many of us go through times that seem so unbearable in that moment. All we can do is to stay calm and be patient. His message to the youth is don't slow down for anyone. Kenton had countless people to ridicule him out of spite and jealousy when they wanted nothing more than for him to slow down so they can catch up. Don't let them. This music game is grossly competitive and there is no room for people who aren't willing to push every day and stay motivated even in the face of opposition. Brush it all off and stay focused!




Ryan 'Kenton' Hertel is a talented musician from Northeastern, Pennsylvania. He wants to have fun with music and is serious about his career. Ultimately, he wants as many people as possible to enjoy the music he creates. So, it's important that he keeps it as lighthearted and fun. Ironically, his inspiration comes from non-electronic artists. He has always been a huge fan of rock bands such as Dream Theater, Dance Gavin Dance & Breaking Benjamin. As he delved into the EDM scene more & more, he started to really get inspiration from Dillion Francis, Party Favor, Quintino & early Chainsmokers. 

Since Kenton was a child, he has been involved in music where he shined and fit in once he got involved. When he turned thirteen years old, he started playing drums which paved the way for him to become a DJ & Producer. He started playing music in local shows with music bands and eventually started his own hip-hop group. In order to better the group, he transitioned from drums to being a DJ. Eleven years later, he has been playing all over the Tri-State area and producing original music with some super talented music artists. He has worked with up and coming artists from all over the world such as: Nashville's Sebastian Garcia, Miami's Shila Mariposa, Christian Wandel from Denmark and New York City's Delsa. His most popular releases so far would have to be: 'Fleek', 'Everytime' feat Delsa, 'Booty Had Me Like' feat Young Harlem and 'Celebrity' feat Sebastian Garcia. Currently, he is working on a track with social media sensation Splurt! Kenton is looking forward to this music collaboration and waiting for the song to release!

Kenton writes his own music and his latest single release entitled, "Clouds" recently came out on March 6, 2018. The song, 'Clouds' features Taylor Tote from Asbury Park, New Jersey. 'Clouds' is a happy go-lucky song about that great feeling the right person gives you. Kenton and Taylor Tote didn't want to write about anything too deep or serious. They just wanted to make a song that everyone would genuinely enjoy and would be fun for them to produce! Kenton and Taylor Tote met years ago at a music conference while he was running sound. He watched Taylor and her band go on stage to perform and he was mesmerized by her vocals. Kenton decided to walk up to her manager as she was performing to get her contact information. As a result, producing 'Clouds' with Taylor Tote was one of his best moves yet.  

In addition to being a DJ and producing music, Kenton runs his own social media agency full-time called 'Socialocca'.  Monday-Friday, he wakes up and goes into his office and manages clients all day. His agent handles booking work all week so by Friday night, he is usually heading to a gig. It's a seven day work week for him, but he loves what he does. As a social media marketer, DJ and making music this allows him to be creative and unique! Long story short, people picked up on all the promotion and marketing he did for his music and DJ career. They wanted him to do the same for their business. One day, he randomly thought up 'Socialocca' and knew it could be a HUGE hit as a business name. So, he coined and incorporated 'Socialocca' to handle his social media & digital marketing work for clients. 'Socialocca' has become such a major project for him that services dozens of his music friends! Anyone can learn more about it and what Kenton does during his week days by checking out! 

Kenton has one self-titled debut album and out of the eight tracks, some of his favorite songs are: 'Celebrity', 'Burnin' Up' and 'Fleek'. Actually, he got national radio play for 'Fleek'. Since releasing his album entitled, 'Kenton',  he has been releasing singles and remixes. When Kenton is not doing music and working, he loves to play video games. One of his dreams is to get everything to the point where he can get a beach house, relax and enjoy life.


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Love and staying positive takes you a long way....

Spliff, also known as 90's baby, is a Hip-Hop/Rap music artist from Baltimore, Maryland. One interesting thing about him is he is a proud father to his daughter. His inspiration for music began when he was a young child being introduced to music by one of his older cousin's. At the time, his cousin was in a group called Me 2 U, which is a R&B 90's group. Spliff had always looked up to his cousin because he was the only member of his family to be in the entertainment business. As Spliff got older, he started to become creative and write his own music. Growing up, famous Hip-Hop/Rap artists that influenced his music style is Bizzy Bone from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Biggie Smalls, Eazy-E, The Weekend and Wiz Khalifa.

Since Spliff was eleven years old, he has been making and writing music. At this present time, he has not collaborated with other artists. He plans on collaborating as much as possible in the long run. His latest songs are entitled, Finner Things and Say No Words, which every one can listen to and download on Sound Cloud, Spotify and/or iTunes. Check out his music! His song, Say No Words expresses his past pros and cons with a lot of mixed emotions from females he has dealt with in his past. Spliff stated that the message he wants to portray in his music is "For people to be able to feel comfortable to express themselves and respect that his music is in his own perspective, but if they listen then I'm sure you can relate in something because I'm versatile and we all didn't live the same but at the end we have similar situations that meet. So just have fun and live." As 2pac said, "It's going to be some things you may see that's going to make it hard to smile in the future." Hence, Spliff's message to the youth is, "Let your positive and negative in life make something big out of anything you do in life! Always be consistent." 



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Chassie is a talented, up and coming music artist from Marrero, Louisiana. Since childhood, she had developed a love for music and started singing. When she was nine years old, she started writing her own music but it wasn't until she was sixteen years old when she decided to embark a career in the music industry. Some famous singers that she looks up to as role models in the music industry are Andra Day, Sam Smith, Rihanna, Fantasia and Jasmine Sullivan. Chassie has a new single entitled, "Trust Issues" which is based on love and having trust issues dealing with a past relationship. Chassie has two other songs entitled "Mixed Emotions"  and "Told Me" which will be coming out soon. Currently, she is working on a full music album which should be coming out September 2018.

Overall, the message she wants to portray in her music is to "Never count on anybody but yourself, wake up in the morning and look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself 'This Is Me' no matter how hard it gets, never give up." Chassie's message for the youth is "Everyone has a dream, not a special dream but a dream that's given to you from God. Accomplish your dream, live your dream and dream big." 




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Carlovy Musicc is a talented filmmaker and music artist from Harlem, New York. Growing up, he was influenced by his parents in music. His father would sing songs by famous music artists such as Earth, Wind and Fire and The Temptations. His mother would listen to music in their home from famous music artists such as Erykah Badu, Salt-N-Pepa and Sade.  Carlovy Musicc was inspired by Hip-Hop music when he heard the song by one of the world's most famous Hip-Hop music artist Snoop Dogg song entitled, "Ain't Nothin' But A G Thang." Since 1998, Carlovy Musicc has been recording music and recording in studios since 2002. Since 2007, he has been doing live performances, interviews, radio plays, blogs, websites and selling merchandise. He has been featured on songs by a few independent music artists such as Nova Mandarke, MillionDollarZeek and Pillz (Pop heavy). In 2013, he received an Hip-Hop Junky TV Award in 2nd place for his music single entitled, "Low Rider." In 2015, he received The IT Factor Award  from Hip-Hop Junky TV in 3rd place. In 2016, he received an award with Hip-Hop Junky TV for his music single entitled, "Take It Slow.

In the filming industry, he was inspired by famous actors such as Mekhi Phifer, Lorenz Tate, Marlon Wayans and Jim Carrey and inspired by famous film directors such as Keenan Ivory Wayans and Spike Lee.  Since 2014, he has acted in stage plays, short and feature films independently. He has been featured in films such as:  A Story Teller by Tae Day, L.I.T.E. The Film 1 and 2 by A SpikeZeekVision, The Liqu3 by A SpikeZeek Vision, Man Hunter: The Film by A SpikeZeek Vision and S.T.A.I.N. The Movie by A SpikeZeek Vision. In 2017,he wrote, directed and starred in his own films. He released two of his own feature films entitled, "Carlovy Musicc's FRIEND ZONE: The Movie and Carlovy Musicc's JACKPOT: The Movie.

Carlovy Musicc has given back to his community in many ways to provide independent artists and actors free coaching and give advice on their musical and acting careers. He has also done pro-bono photo shoots at networking events. 

His goal as a filmmaker is to give his audience his perspective on stories that everyone can relate to and show that there is always a brighter side. His message that he wants to portray in his films and music is "Don't allow negativity to distract you. Stand up for what you truly believe in. Stay Positive through it all." The message he wants to give to the youth is to "Put God first. Do not seek praise for your accomplishments. Do everything genuinely and out of the kindness of your heart and stay positive." 

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Abhilash Shetty is a self-taught, talented, up and coming filmmaker from Karnataka, India. He was inspired to go into films by Indian artists such as Upendra and Shahid Kapoor. His role models are Alejandro Inarritu, Quentin Tarantino and Vishal Bhardwaj. Abhilash Shetty has written and directed the short film called "CRONY", which has received Official Selection for two international short film festivals. Currently, he is working on two short films, a documentary film and writing a feature film. He always had a passion for films but did not have the courage to come out of his comfort zone because he had a stable corporate job, which he was content with but was not truly happy until he decided to step out on faith and pursue after his dreams. Today, Abhilash Shetty is doing what he loves to do and that is film making! He is happier than he has been before. By him taking his leap of faith, he has encouraged and been an inspiration to his fellow mates to follow their dreams and not settle for a mediocre life. He has been featured in two short films and currently working on another short film. Over the next ten years, he sees himself as a world wide recognized original film maker. One of his favorite quotes is "If a million people see my movie, I hope they see a million different movies."-Quentin Tarantino. 

When the question was asked ,"What message would you give to the youth today?" He stated, "I just want to tell them, not to compromise with their ideas and ideologies just to earn some extra money and never to lose the convention they have within. Never do something, just because others are doing it because every Filmmaker is different in their own way and that's what the film making needs in the current situation. 

North Carolina’s Hip-Hop Independent Artist, Nathyl Snipes aka Tre’Game is the Chief Executive of Tre’Game Entertainment who was nominated for two LRT Music Video Awards in categories for Best Hip-Hop Video and Best Music Video of the Year.  He is considered as a dynamic, creative entertainer. Ranked as the #1 Hip-Hop independent artist in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Nathyl is the 1st Independent artist in America that  has received and honored with the FCEA Humanitarian Recipient Award and the first Hip-Hop Artist in American history to be honored with the H.A.W.S. Commissioner Award. He is the first Hip-Hop Artist in American history to operate homeless shelter, 1st Underground Hip-Hop Artist in American history to be honored with collegiate Valedictorian Model @InkDads, Author of 5 books, Number One music video in America nominated for two LRT Video Awards at Global Theaters in Los Angeles, California, member of both social clubs: Leader of the Community and Neighbors For Better Neighborhoods and he won both federal and state trials (defending himself) when he filed a federal Pro Se Motion to Supreme Court and won to argue claims of constitution violations on North Carolina Inmates. Also, he was nominated as the 2x time Group of the Year at NCUM Awards opening act for over 40+ Industry Artist.  Tre’Game Entertainment dropped a new promo video entitled “Musical Chairs” shot by Bobby Kocaine of Hood Execs and directed by Yipes of Tre’Game Entertainment.

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Youtube Channel: Yipes Ceo

He made his national acting debut in the movie called FLOWERS, co-starring with legendary Clifton Powell directed by Alyze Elyse in Soul City Films. Currently, he is a lead actor on the four time award winning webseries, Money Is Our Goal Season Two. His music is making an impact across the states. Yipes and Tre Game Entertainment drop their new promo video entitled "Musical Chairs." The video was shot by Bobby Kocaine of Hood Execs and directed by Yipes of TreGame Entertainment.  He has several books in publication coming soon entitled "Rainforest" "Consequence Is No Coincidence", "Yipes Tha Fed Story" and "TreGame Biitch." North Carolina's most decorated Hip-Hop Artist, Nathyl aka Yipes, is on the rise of changing the game across the board.

Patrick McKenzie is an actor, voice-over actor, model and dreamer from London, England. He is associated with Equity, T.A.C.T., British Voice Association and Actors Guild. He trained at the Academy Drama School, Anthony Meindl Actors workshop, The Actors Temple and Actor Centre. He is known for his voice over abilities with accents and dialects ranging from American-Southern to Caribbean. He has been in many projects including commercials, television, films and short films.  “Hear my Son”, It Stops With Us” “The Plague”, “Crimewatch” and “Brixtonia” to name a few. He has done many voice over projects.  Currently, he is on tour in the Selladoor 2017 Production of Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” until June 17, 2017. Patrick is an accomplished Actor of Tv, film and stage having recently played Nelson Mandela for the Black Heroes Foundation and performed “How to Cook a country” at the Riverside Studios “Dirty Linen” at the Court Yard Theatre and “The woman who cooked her husband at the Pentameter Theatre Hampstead to name a few. He is also an International and award wining Voiceover artist and is very proud to join cast the Crucible cast. Awesome! He is hoping to work with American filmmakers and actors.  We will be watching to see what all is in store for him. An All-Star in the making!

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Louis H aka Odubby is a bright, intelligent entrepreneur from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is the CEO of TBD music and a model for modeling Inc.  In 2010, once he finished his service from the United States Navy,  Louis began his entrepreneurship journey by establishing his own business ventures. His clothing line is called KINGSPIN CROWN. He was motivated to build his brand/empire for his family. His goal is be known in the entertainment industry world wide where he can achieve much success on a business and financial level.  Wow! A Genesis All-Star in the making!

 In 2015, Louis was a two-time champion for I.A.C.S. He has several projects coming up such as various fashion shows that will take place in New York. He has modeled for many designers on runways. His 3rd music album is going to be released 2017. He does shows in different states from New York to California. Amazing! Louis and his family are generous in giving back to their community especially within their church.  Louis is well on his way to making a household name for himself. Be on the look out for this rising Genesis All-Star! Wishing him much success in all his future endeavors. 

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Yvngtech is a talented music artist on the horizon from New Orleans, Louisiana. He is an Artist, Producer and Songwriter.  Influenced by his family, he developed a love for music since childhood. His music influences are Jay Z, Common, Kanye, Just Blaze, Talib Kwali, Mannie Fresh, J Dilla, 9th Wonder and Ski Beats. Growing up in the era of Hip-Hop, content and wordplay, he was to show the world that having a love for music is an excellent dream to have and to make a reality for not only for himself  but his family.
While attending Fullsail University, he majored in music and became an intern for Interscope Records from 2014-2016.  Late 2016, he left Interscope Records due to personal reasons but that did not stop him from accomplishing his dreams.
He has worked with celebrities in the music industry such as Murs, French Montana, Ace Hood, Young Greatness, Rico Love and Big Krit.  Amazing! As an upcoming independent artist, Joshua has a licensed production/publishing company called Teflon Revolution Music Group. Currently, he is signed under Vanity Castle Management as an Artist and Producer. He stated, "If faith sees fit, we will be a key player in becoming one." He believes that every artist should hold their own creativity and freedom of choice.  
Yvngtech has won several awards such as Up and Coming Producer Award, Who's Up Next Award and Beatcamo Competition Awards. Currently, he has a new project called "Changes." The album is about the realization of becoming one with self. It will consist of mostly live instrumentation, soul, poems, and good vocal content. He considers his project as the "EPITOME OF HIP-HOP & SOUL." His single entitled "Nostalgia" is about a boy growing up to an adult and reflecting back on everything that influenced and shaped him to become the man, who he is today without having any regrets by decisions he made. His message to those going after their dreams is to "keep pushing and never give up. Just because it hasn't happened doesn't mean to quit. It may not be your time yet but it's coming."
He has given back to his community in many ways such as being a motivational speaker for the youth. He has spoken in Monroe, Louisiana and at SUNO in New Orleans, Louisiana. He speaks to youths about his experience growing up in a rough area in New Orleans and serving time in jail, he talks and mentors the younger generation about choices and how each choice has consequences whether good or bad. When he speaks at rallies, he tells the youth that "Motivation can change a lot but it takes someone to want to make a change to receive it." He plans to start an outreach program for youths and young adults. His favorite quote is "A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilled Sailor." 

Currently, Howard Wolliaston is working on a few upcoming projects that are short films which should be coming out 2017. Howard is a hardworking and dedicated person who is doing amazing things in his life to provide a better a life not only for himself but his family as well. Since he was younger, his father always told him “who don’t hear must feel”. This is one of his favorite quotes. The meaning of the quote is “if I say don’t go around the corner because the floor is slippery then you go and fall because you didn’t hear now you will feel.”
 Howard has been a great influence to youths in various ways. When he worked at Spring Creek Middle School in Brooklyn, New York as an after school teacher teaching theater arts, literacy and assistant basketball coach. He always spoke to the youth by encouraging them to make better decisions and know that there is no dream that is unattainable. By being an example to the youth, he shows them what he accomplished thus far and inspires them that there is no limit to accomplishing your dreams. If Howard was not an actor, he would have been a counselor for the you
 In the next five years, Howard sees himself becoming a successful actor and winning an Oscar award and being an inspiration to others who are trying to make their footprints in the filming industry.
 When he isn’t acting, he likes to relax by watching tv shows and films, hanging out with friends and family, reading and perfecting his acting craft and reading books such as The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, The 50th Law by 50 Cent and Robert Greene.
 A message that Howard has for those who are pursuing a dream whether it's acting, filming, teacher or whatever it is you love in life to never give up. All you ever need is one person to like you and give you that shot to push you forward, always keep high hopes and most of all what're your doing go with god because you'll never fail.


Howard Wolliaston, also known as Banks, is a native from Harlem, New York whose ultimate goal is to be a successful actor and a youth advocate. Since childhood, his passion for acting came from watching great actors such as Will Smith, “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Jamie Foxx, “The Jamie Foxx Show” to name a few which sparked his motivation and creativity to study and enhance his craft to become an actor. Howard has worked on many projects ranging from theatrical, short films, music videos, feature films and web-series. His works include “Life Is Short Cherish Every Moment, an off broadway show, “The Black Scrooge”, an off broadway show, “Scallywags”, a feature film, “My Brother’s Keeper”, a short film, appearance on FOX tv show “Gotham”, as a background actor, “Crosstown Wreck”, a web-series Sag project comedy, “No Options”, a drama web-series. Howard Williaston is mostly known for his character, Chase, on the Jamaican American web series “Sons of Kingston”. “Crosstown Wreck” is a comedy web-series. He played a character named Russell who is trying to come to the realization that he needs to move on from his current relationship. Russell has two best friends, Tommy and Max, to help steer him in the right direction.  “No Options” is an action/drama web-series. He will be playing a character named Fresh. Fresh is the youngest of an organized drug gang, who means business and does not play games. This web-series will be coming out soon!

 “Sons Of Kingston” is a dramatic urban, Jamaican American web-series inspired by the streets of Kingston, Jamaica and New York City. The web-series is based upon a quick hustle to stay alive as Zink and Stunts greed leads them down a path of destruction. Howard plays a character named Chase. Chase is a grimy, street smart, untrustworthy, funny and always making moves to make money to get out of the game.
 “My Brother’s Keeper” is a dramatic short drama inspired by true events. Howard portrays the character Andre. Andre is responsible for himself and his little brother after the passing of their parents. In order to make ends meet, Andre borrows money from the local loan shark and when it’s time to pay the loanshark back things become hectic for Andre.

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